Facilitating macromolecule delivery.

We translate more than 10 years of research and applied science at Cambridge on tailoring the best nanomaterials for drug delivery applications.

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About Us

Vector's Science

Vector Bioscience develops a machine-learning empowered drug delivery platform. We are dedicated to transforming oncology treatments with our cargo-agnostic technology. Our precision-targeted delivery minimizes side effects with a higher uptake and slow release. By tailoring delivery, we achieve high local concentrations of traditionally difficult-to-formulate therapeutics.

How our technology works


Data-driven selection of cargoes & customisation for specific cancers

Dry Lab

ML-enabled material selection

Wet Lab

Engineering of cargo and drug loading


Personalized & precision medicines


Data-driven selection of cargoes & antibodies for specific cancers

Dry Lab

ML-enabled material selection

Wet Lab

Engineering of cargo and drug loading


Personalized & precision medicines


What we’ve done so far

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non-dilutive funding

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of R&D development

why focus on drug delivery technologies in the fight against cancer?

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the people behind Vector

Vector Team

Prof. David Fairen-Jimenez

CEO and Co-Founder

Lluna Gallego

COO and Co-Founder

Jogchum Brinksma

NED and Co-founder

Dr Fatma Demir Duman

Senior Scientist

Dr Elena Avila

Programme Manager

Dr Nazeeha Ayaz

Formulation Scientist

Dr Katia Caamano

Formulation Scientist

Francisco Jose Custodio

MBA Associate


Our Culture

We believe in pushing boundaries, prioritising excellence. We have the top experts, specialists, scientists (and data!) are part of our team. Together, we work to progress Vector’s nanoparticle shuttle to the clinic. Our technology pioneers the future oncology treatment and our drive is to bring it to patients, improving treatments and their quality of life.


We are providing the ultimate precision medicine, enacting a paradigm change in drug therapy development. Through pioneering tomorrow’s therapies we are building a future where we do not fear cancer.


We want to improve treatments for patients maximising efficacy and minimising side-effects and bringing the 3 Ls to life:
     Low side-effects
     Localised delivery – directly to where treatment is needed
     Loading – greater uptake of drugs


We’re committed to delivering novel treatments to rare disease patients

ML identification

Formulation & delivery

In vitro studies

In vivo studies

Clinical planning

Partner confirmation

Pancreatic cancer 01


Pancreatic cancer 02


Lung cancer




Colorectal cancer

Prostate cancer

Breast cancer


What’s New In The Field And Our Labs

Some of our partners

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Vector Bioscience Cambridge
The Hauser Forum
3, Charles Babbage Rd
CB3 0GT Cambridge
United Kingdom

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